Omegle video chat with girls — the best alternative

Communication is one of the most important factors in any person’s mental and social development. If they lose the opportunity to fully communicate with other people, someone will feel depression and apathy, which can subsequently lead to prolonged depression and desocialization.

Fortunately, you and I are lucky. Even in the difficult conditions associated with the pandemic, it’s easier for us to endure social distancing, as we can meet and communicate on the Internet. The Internet has given us a lot of ways of communication, and modern gadgets allow you to keep in touch with loved ones and meet new people almost any time and anywhere. So there’s no good reason to focus on offline dating alone. Especially in our challenging times!

One of the best methods to maintain social connections and form new ones is to use random video chat services. Or, as they are also known, anonymous chat roulettes. Such platforms have a very simple principle of operation — they connect random people via video chat. This is almost equivalent to a live meeting on the street, only at a distance, safely and in the comfort of your home. The important thing to understand here is that your dating and online experience is highly dependent on the platform you use. That choice is really huge today.

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What is Omegle and why is this video chat site so popular?

Omegle video chat was the first random chat site, launched in spring 2009. Initially, the site let people communicate only in text chat, but after only six months, a video chat function appeared, thanks to which the whole world started talking about Omegle chat. This сam chat allowed millions of people to search for people by interest, communicate on almost any topic, find new friends from their own universities and discuss the most intimate topics in an unmoderated section.

Omegle and its rivals have had their ups and downs. Recently, due to the pandemic, we’ve seen unprecedented growth that has not stopped for two years so far. But it would be naive to think that this service is free from disadvantages. Moderation here is far from the best, the support service barely works, and visually the site looks a little outdated and archaic. Apparently, the developers are in no hurry to improve it, but even that’s not the main thing. At Omegle it is very difficult to meet the opposite gender, and we’ll explain why.

How can I find girls on Omegle?

The main flaw of Omegle for more than ten years has been the lack of a gender filter. You can't force a site to only connect you with girls. This means that you have to constantly click past other users to meet an interesting and pretty girl. This annoys both you and the other people who you skip over and over again.

But we’ve solved this problem!

We thought, "What if we give users the opportunity to chat ONLY with girls?" This meant not just a classic gender filter, where the user indicates their gender and it is not checked by anyone. It took time and investment, rethinking the very principles of gender filtering of users and complicating the search algorithms, but we succeeded! Our alternative Omegle chat doesn't just connect you with girls only. It makes sure every girl is real and interested in dating, because all new members go through a data confirmation procedure during registration. No fakes, bots or advertising accounts, only real girls!

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Dates with beautiful girls are waiting for you

Today our online video chat is one of the best alternatives to Omegle, and that’s not just about the gender filter. It’s certainly important, but while developing our site for random acquaintances, we realized that this was not enough. So we did more!

What else is unique about our project?

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  • Large, and most importantly high-quality audience. Thousands of guys and girls, men and women — they are all really interested in dating. There are no people here who just “came to watch”, we do not let fakes and bots enter the site, we make sure that your time in chat is pleasant and comfortable.
  • Excellent moderation and technical support. Few random video chat sites can boast of really good moderation. At its best, artificial intelligence works, which often makes mistakes and blocks everyone. We do the moderation manually, and the support service works 24/7. You can turn to specialists on any issue and get qualified help.
  • High quality video and sound with low traffic consumption. Using advanced web technologies, we have achieved excellent picture and sound even on rather slow Internet connections. Plus it saves traffic, which is important for users of limited tariff plans.

In addition to all of the above, we add anonymity and confidentiality. These points have always been and remain of utmost priority to us. We do not collect your data, we do not store text messages and recordings of conversations, and we do not transfer absolutely any information to third parties. Your communication is confidential!

Communication in random webcam chats with strangers

Have you ever wondered why the online dating format is popular, and how big the industry is? Today, in developed countries, about 40% of people aged 25-34 use online dating services. And about 17% of all modern marriages begin with online dating. Also, there are fewer divorces among these than among couples who met offline.

During the pandemic, the number of people using online dating has increased even more, not not just on our service, but also on other sites. Some have even shown an increase in the audience size of 200-300% or even more. But regarding the number of new marriages, everything is not so simple. In the current reality, not everyone is in a hurry to quickly move communication from online to offline and seal the relationship by marriage. Many people are preferring to wait until the situation with the pandemic and quarantine restrictions fades away. The question is when it will happen...

Be that as it may, today dating in a random video chat, and in particular on our platform, is for many the only safe and reliable opportunity to stay connected to society, find new friends with the same interests, and even build romantic relationships online. You should give it a try too!